KingRoot apk VS KingoRoot Apk – Which One is Best Rooting Tool?

KingRoot apk VS KingoRoot Apk

If you are a user of android, then you must know about Kingroot VS kingoroot. Basically, android rooting is a process of accessing the mail files and folder of the android operating system in your device. There are so many rooting apps are available in the market. Kingroot is one of the best rooting tools but now people are confused because there is also another rooting app called Kingoroot is also available in the market. So, people are having the question that, is the Kingroot and Kingoroot is the same app for rooting mobile?

Kingroot VS kingoroot – Which one is best?

Let me clear your confusion about Kingroot VS kingoroot, both rooting apps are good. Although each one has different interfaces, either one can serve your purpose. As we have to use one of them to root then we should choose the best one.

The name of the apps is similar but each one developed by two different developers. The Kingoroot developed by “Finger Power Technologies” where Kingroot developed by Kingroot Studios.

The Kingoroot is better than Kingroot because Kingoroot is more updated than kingroot. Kingroot has a lot more features including rooting phones. On the other hand, Kingroot only provides the rooting facility.

History of launching Kingoroot:

When Kingroot first launched in the market, within a short period Kingroot become one of the best rooting tools for android mobile. But the main problem with Kingroot was, the language of the Kingroot was Chinese as it is developed by a Chinese company. So, Finger Power Technologies understood that Kingroot becomes the most popular rooting tool among the android user but because of the language problem, Kingroot is losing customers.

So, they came up with idea that they will make a rooting tool which will be in the English language as well as they have increased some functionality so that users can grab Kingoroot instead of others rooting tool.

Later Kingroot also updated their app in the English language.

Which rooting tool is safe?

Safety is a major issue for your beloved phone. When you will install these rooting apps on your phone then you have to give permission of each and everything to this rotting tool. So, people might think that installing the rooting app is not safe. One way it is true but if you use this rooting app carefully then it’s not a big issue.

How to Download Kingroot apk?

You might know that Kingroot is not available on the play store so you have to download it from outside of the app store.

From here you can download the latest Kingroot rooting apk tool.

Download Kingroot APK


How to Download KingoRoot Apk?

Not even KingoRoot is available to download from any official app store. Don’t worry you can download it from here

Download Kingoroot APK

Wrapping up, Both of the tools are good for users as it performs the same thing. Now it’s up to you which tool you want to use. I hope you have enjoyed our opinion about Kingroot vs Kingoroot. If you have any quarries and experience with any of the rooting tools, then please share with us.