World of Solitaire | Complete Guidelines

World of Solitaire

World of Solitaire is one of the most popular card games in the world that includes more than 100 different types of Solitaire games, including the world of solitaire free cell, World of Solitaire legacy, the world of solitaire turn-1 and turn 3.

You can play the world of Solitaire for free with different attributes, including different color decks, light backgrounds, undoing your move, and a lot more, which you can’t even imagine until you go on the website and play free World of Solitaire game of your choice. The main aim of creating this World of Solitaire card game is to give the users a safe platform where they can enjoy a card game and play with their friends or anyone around the world without any problem. 

The World of Solitaire

World of Solitaire is made on a superb quality website, and a massive number of people play World of Solitaire around the globe. There are many different categories of World of Solitaire games which people are still unaware of. This article further will give you an overview of different types of World of Soccer games.

We have ranked the best categories of the World of Solitaire as per their popularity. The main points we’ve kept in mind while concluding about the best categories of the world of solitaire games are popularity and gameplay.

Most known types of World of Solitaire


1. World of Solitaire FreeCell

World of Solitaire FreeCell is one of the most famous solitaires on the World of Solitaire card game. It is a card game of a single deck that consists of 4 foundation piles, 4 cells, and 8 tableau piles. The technique to play World of Solitaire free cell is to form your cards starting from Ace to King in a backward format.

You can only utilize the cards that are on top of the tableau pile and the cards of 4 cells. You can build the tableau pile on the downward format by repeating the cards 1 at a time. Free cell solitaire contains 2 card game types, including classic and baker. The way of winning a FreeCell solitaire is when you’ve placed all the cards on the pile of foundation. Some kinds of FreeCell Solitaire include:

Amazing FreeCell

You can find a baker and classic card types in an amazing FreeCell solitaire game with the options of undoing and redoing your move. You can pick any difficulty level from the 3 given, depending on how much genius you are. Some of the features of Amazing FreeCell are as follows.

1) One of the best FreeCell solitaire types.

2) It contains the button of redo, undoes, and hint. 

3) 3 levels of choosing your desired difficulty.

4) Backgrounds and card decks can be customized. 

Classic FreeCell

Classic FreeCell is another type of World of Solitaire FreeCell game. You can find the game on the World of Solitaire platform. 

FreeCell Giza

FreeCell Giza is a unique type of FreeCell Solitaire game. In that, on a pile of 11 cards, you have to add 2 cards to make it a total of 13 card pile. 

2. Klondike – World of Solitaire Turn One 


If you are a Die fan of Solitaire games, then there is no chance that you’ve never played Klondike Solitaire, because of it the most known and famous one. There are a vast number of platforms on the internet where you’ll be able to play Klondike games when you search for World of Solitaire Turn One.

World of Solitaire Turn 1 is a card game that contains a single deck, and you’ve to form the piles of Tableau. You’ve to establish a foundation pile that will start from Ace and ends on King by utilizing the cards of the Tableau pile. Some types of Klondike Turn One solitaire are as follows:

  • Classic Solitaire
  • Klondike Solitaire
  • Secret Double Klondike 
  • Kings Klondike 

3. World of Solitaire Klondike Turn Three


Guessing the popularity of Klondike is nearly impossible as it is enormous in number. Almost all the people who’re fond of playing the solitaire game know about Klondike. There are different types of Klondike Solitaire. One famous example is Klondike Turn Three. In this Klondike type, the user has to deal with 3 cards on a single move and can pass the step as many times as he wants.

There is around an 80% chance that the player can with a Turn three-round if he plays sensibly. People, when playing as practice, lose more games than usual because they don’t concentrate on their moves. You can play Klondike Turn 3 Solitaire by utilizing the classic deck of 52 cards. You have to start placing the cards starting from Ace to the numbers and eventually till you’ve reached the King. Once you’ve formed all 4 foundation piles from Ace and so on up to the King, then you’re declared as a winner. 

A. The goal of Klondike Solitaire Turn Three

The primary purpose of playing Klondike Solitaire Turn Three and the only way to win the game is to form 4 foundation piles in a format starting from Ace then 2 and finishing on King. 


4. World of Solitaire Spider

World of Solitaire Spider is another popular solitaire game that is loved by many players all around the world. Usually, the other Solitaire types we just discussed had a format in which we used to form piles in an ascending form, which is from Ace to King.

In Spider Solitaire, one most important thing that we must keep in mind is that we’ll use a descending format, which means we’ve to form a pile starting from King and ending till you reach on Ace. You have an option to redial the cards if you’re not finding any possible move. Redialing can’t be done after every step. You’ll only be having the opportunity of redialing your cards if there is no possible move left. 

Spider Solitaire contains 3 different difficulty levels, including beginner, intermediate, and professional. The people who’re just playing the game for the first time to pass their time, then the beginner level is perfect for them. The people who’ve played it a couple of times before can play on intermediate level and then after some practice go on to play on a harder level. 


The strategy of Spider Solitaire easy version:

  • Before playing an obvious move, you should try to look at the other cards and plan your next 2 moves before playing a current move.
  • You should try to move the King to an empty column because it can block many other cards in the game. 
  • You should fight till the end. There is always a move available that can turn the whole complexion of the game. Instead of giving up and keep patience to win. 

The goal of Spider Solitaire

The goal of spider solitaire is to form 8 piles starting from the King and ending till you’ve reached Ace. In short, when all the cards are formed in the foundation pile, you’ve won the game. 

How to play Spider Solitaire?


World of Solitaire Spider Solitaire card game is played with a total number of 104 cards and 2 classic decks. 44 cards will be hidden in the Tableau. You’ll be able to see the card once a card is moved to a foundation pile. You have to empty all the columns of the Tableau pile and place all the cards in 8 foundation piles to be victorious.  


In the World of Solitaire – Spider Solitaire game, you can use hints if you’re stuck in between the game, and you’re not able to find any possible move. Try avoiding the use of Hints on every move because you won’t be able to learn the game by yourself, and secondly, the hint only shows the most visible moves without thinking about the future move. The hint will indicate to you the possible move, and you can drag your card to complete a move. 

1. World of Solitaire Pyramid


World of Solitaire card game included Pyramid solitaire, which is another popular and loved game. This free World of Solitaire Pyramid Solitaire game is also called as the most Relaxed game in all Solitaires because you can even win a game with some cards left in a pile.

There are 2 difficulty levels of Pyramid solitaire game, including the classic one and easy one. You have the option to pass your turn 2 times in an easy version. You can win the game by forming all cards of Pyramid to the foundation pile. 

Rules of Pyramid Solitaire

  • There is one card at the start of the Pyramid. Underneath it, there are 2 cards placed that is overlapping that one card.
  • This process will continue until 7 cards are overlapping the 6 cards at the end of the Pyramid. Pyramid Solitaire consists of 28 cards.
  • The leftover 24 cards left in the deck will be placed in the stock that can be used by clicking on the card and sending it to the waste.
  • 28 cards in the Pyramid and the cards that you will add in the waste will be used throughout the game.
  • Only the 7 cards at the bottom of the Pyramid can be used first. To bring the card from the line of other cards into play, you have to make sure no card is overlapping it. 
  • You have to arrange the cards in ascending order starting from Ace, and it goes on till you reach the King.
  • The game can be won by placing all the cards of the Pyramid in the foundation pile. You’ll lose the game if you don’t have any card left in the stock.


2. Tripeaks Solitaire – World of Solitaire

The layout of the game can be judged by seeing the 28 cards making a pyramid consisting of 4 rows. A card is exposed in the stock, making it a total of 23 cards. You can win the game by removing all the cards from the pile.

Best Mobile Application to play Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is the most famous solitaire games around the world. There are just a few names in the market that’ve made an app to play soccer on the mobile app. You can search World of Solitaire on both android and IOS play store to find the game.

It is an amazing app which works efficiently without lagging in between the game. The performance of the application will make the gaming experience more exciting and enjoyable. You can reopen the app if, by mistake, you’ve closed it in between the game. World of Solitaire is free to play, and no ads will be popped up to annoy you. You can easily find Solitaire the game on both android and IOS.

Final Words

The game of Solitaire came into existence a huge number of years back, and the World of Solitaire game, Klondike Solitaire, became the most popular one with the highest number of downloads. On the World of Solitaire website, you can find plenty of different options apart from Klondike Solitaire including, Free Cell Solitaire and Spider Solitaire.

All the solitaire games can be played with one or 2 decks containing a total number of 52-104 cards. The World of Solitaire is well known in the whole world, and you can download World of Solitaire for free on all platforms, including PC, Android, and IOS.